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Add Some Zip To Your Zip Line Adventure

Zip lining can be an amazing and fun experience. Consider making your time on the zip line experience with companies like Sky Valley Zip Tours even better with these ideas. 

Multiply the Fun

A zip line experience is fairly easy to find, especially in areas that rely on tourism. Check out zip line activities that offer all day adventure as well. Many zip line rides and tours also include hiking in an exotic location or traveling down the river in a kayak or inner tube. Book a zip line trip in a park that will allow you to pitch a tent and spend the night. You can add the perfect touches to your zip line experienced based on what you love to do. 

Include the Kids

Even young children can safely enjoy zip lining. Many zip line tours require participants to be a certain age and weight with age 12 and a weight of 80 pounds being the common minimums. However, there are zip line tours that will accommodate younger and lighter thrill seekers. Be sure to call ahead, and be sure your child is really ready for that type of adventure. 

There are zip lines created specifically with children in mind. Visiting one of these is a good way to spark your child's interest in zip line activities and to be sure that your child will not panic or be afraid when faced with an adult sized line. 

Kids get more than just fun out of a zip line experience. Show kids the importance of healthy physical activity, and teach them to enjoy their natural surroundings when you take them zip lining. A family zip lining experience can bond you like no other activity can. 

Make it Romantic

Another option is to leave the kids behind and create a romantic adventure just for you and your partner. 

Choose to a canopy zip line tour over natural beauty to get you into the mood for romance. In many places you can choose to ride the zip line together or at least hold hands during some parts of the zip. Finish the day by sharing a bottle of wine in a remote, natural location. 

Educate Yourself

A zip line tour can be educational as well as fun. Choose a location for your experience and learn all you can about it. Find out the history and culture of the people who live where you will be vacationing. 

Many zip line tours also teach participants about the nature that can be found in a certain location and about understanding how people are caring for and defending natural areas from being destroyed by cutting down too many trees or crowding out wildlife. 

Go Extreme

If you prefer an adrenaline rush to a relaxing ride, take your zip line experience to new heights with extreme adventures. 

  • Choose to take your zip line tour under the stars at night. Add the exhilarating experience of flying down a wire to the excitement of being in darkness, and the result is a unique thrill ride that you will never forget. 
  • Go long. Zip lines can take you over distances of more than 6000 feet. That's a long way to go when you're hanging in the air. 
  • Have a big adventure on a super sized zip line. reports that the largest zip line in the world is in Icy Straight Point, Alaska. It boasts a drop of 1300 feet in just 90 seconds. 
  • Travel to a zip line in a remote location like a wildlife reserve in Peru or over the African plane. Zip lines allow you to go places you can't walk or travel to in a car and that many people never get to see in person. 

Including zip line in your vacation plans is a great way to bring some adventure to an otherwise ordinary trip. Take your experience to even higher levels using these tips.