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Avoiding Wedgies: A Male's Underwear Guide To Ziplining In Comfort

Zip lining through companies like Shallotte River Swamp Park, professional courses, wooded areas, and high mountain tops is an amazing experience that you won't soon forget. Don't let that experience be tainted with the uncomfortable feeling by choosing the wrong underwear for your adventures. While zip lining, you are strapped into a tight harness that wraps around your thighs and waist. Instead of letting the harness cause discomfort, there are multiple ways you can properly prepare.

After years of zip lining and experience, the following tips compile the ultimate guide for cruising down the line in comfort.

Boxer Tips

One of the more annoying types of underwear you can wear on a zip lining trip is boxers. Boxers can easily get tangled, misaligned, and jumbled up when the harness is strapped on. If boxers are your only option, there are multiple ways you can prepare for the best experience possible.

Pull the boxers up until they are just below your belly button. This will tighten up the area around your thighs and prevent the boxers from being too loose. Add a belt to the jeans or shorts that you are wearing. This can help keep the boxers up and prevent them from drooping. Wear the smallest pair of boxers you have to help prevent sagging and getting caught in the harness. This way, you won't be constantly readjusting your pants and underwear.

Performance Underwear

Zip lining is a pretty active sport and this is why performance underwear is one of the best options for zip tours. The underwear is thin, smooth, and acts as a second skin while you wear it. This means that the underwear can help absorb sweat caused by a harness, won't move, and will keep you comfortable while climbing and going down the zip line.

Performance underwear is available in a number of styles. If you've never worn it before, it's a good idea to break in for a few days so you can get used to the comfort and fit.

Boxer Briefs

One of the best alternatives to performance underwear is boxer briefs. Boxer briefs fit snugly, provide comfort, and will fit well with a majority of zip lining harnesses. The harness strap will go just below the point where the briefs end and not pull on your underwear as you zip line. When choosing the pair of boxer briefs to wear, select one where the waist band is not too worn. If it is stretched out, the briefs could slide down and cause discomfort. If possible, purchase a new pair of boxer briefs to wear just for the trip.

Long Johns

If you're zip lining during colder weather, then an ideal underwear choice is long johns. Just like wearing a second pair of pants, long johns add warmth, comfort, and will help relieve the strain from harness pressure. Just like boxers, it's a good idea to wear a belt so the long johns stay comfortable.

Full body long johns are another option. They will stay secure and keep your upper body warm. Be sure to try on the long johns before the trip. The more snug the long johns are, the more comfort you will have while hang gliding.

Going Commando

One of the worst decisions you could make on the zip lining trip is the choice to go commando. Wearing no underwear is an option that will set you up for zip lining disaster. As the harness puts pressure on your body, materials like denim will rub against your skin. This can cause rashes and an uncomfortable feeling for multiple days. Sweat adds to the problem. Underwear commonly absorbs this sweat, but leaving it wide open will result in uncomfortable feelings.

Don't take your underwear selection for granted. It could make or break your comfort for the whole day. It's also a good idea to bring an extra set of clothes to change into after the tour. The clothes and new underwear will help you feel refreshed.