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It's Your Birthday! 4 Tips For A Throwback Bowling Party

Birthdays have a way of not seeming nearly as fun as each year passes, but that doesn't mean you can't feel like a kid again and throw your own party. Here are four ideas for putting together a mid-century modern themed birthday celebration you and your friends won't forget.

Let's Go Bowling! With the automation of bowling pin setters in the fifties and sixties, bowling was at its prime. While its popularity has undergone changes the past few decades, as has society as a whole, it still remains the third most popular recreational activity after walking and biking. Get your gang together for some good old-fashioned fun. You can personalize and print out free bowling-themed invitations online, or order pre-made invitations as well as other bowling-themed party supplies, favors, and decorations, such as streamers, cake toppers, plates and cups to complete the look.

Play Dress-Up

What could be more fun than having everyone wear a vintage outfit? You'll want to send the invites out early, so your guests have plenty of time to dig through their closets and scour the thrift stores for just the right ensemble. Suggest poodle skirts, A-line dresses, saddle shoes, and of course, retro bowling shirts.

Create Bowling Party Games

Bowling is fun, but it can be even more exhilarating when you add a twist. With adult bowling party games, hilarity is sure to ensue.


  • Every bowler has to dance up to the line
  • They have to use their opposite hand
  • Everyone has to bowl like a little kid, with both hands, between their legs
  • Bowl in slow motion
  • Play Truth or Dare. Write your questions and dares up ahead of time so there's no delay in the game. If they bowl an even numbered frame, they get a truth question, and an odd, they get a dare. With a lucky strike, they get to pass.

Be sure to have trophies for the winners and the camera ready to capture the fun.

See If The Bowling Alley Offers Specials

Some bowling alleys have their own theme nights. They may offer bowling in black lights, or with a strobe light. Some bowling alleys also offer other activities, like pool tables, pinball machines, and arcade games. They may also have a karaoke night, which is the perfect way to end the evening when the bowling games are over.

Getting old doesn't have to be a drag. You might just have so much fun bowling that you decide to get a weekly league team together. For more information, contact Frontier Bowling Lanes Inc or a similar company.