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4 Bucket List Items That Are Easy To Check Off

Bucket lists are becoming more and more prevalent these days. There are websites devoted to storing them and thousands of published articles about what to include on your list. Bucket lists even have their own acronym: YOLO, or you only live once. If you have a bucket list a mile long and want to check a few things off, here are a few seemingly crazy items that are fairly easy to accomplish.

1. Run a Marathon: Are you a die-hard couch potato looking to get fit enough to run a marathon? Does it seem impossible? While it does require you to get up off that couch, learning to run is not impossible. In fact, there is a free program developed by a runner just for you called Couch to 5K, or C25K for short. In just 8 short weeks, it takes you from sedentary to running a 5K. There are additional programs that can boost you up to those 26 miles, but a 5K has you moving in the right direction. 

2. Learn to Skydive: Jumping out of an airplane and enjoying the view while plummeting to earth is on many bucket lists. In the past, the only way to cross it off was to join the military. However, there are skydiving classes popping up all over the country where you can learn the skills needed to not only survive, but enjoy the jump.

3. Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square: Each year, millions of people watch the infamous ball drop in Times Square from the comfort of their own living room. They may mumble something about how it would be fun to see live, but they never act on that thought. If this one is on your bucket list, it's easy to fulfill. Call and make a hotel reservation. Period. Once again, the only thing required for success is action. You have to plan ahead; don't expect to get a hotel reservation in mid-December for New Year's Eve. In fact, call on January 2nd and then save your pennies the rest of the year for some spending money while you are there. 

4. Crash a Wedding: While no one here is recommending you do this, many people think the idea of crashing someone else's wedding would be a fun, bucket list item. The only real required skill is guts. Dress up, head to an area hotel known for their beautiful banquet center, and crash away. You could rent the movie, Wedding Crashers, with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson if you want to pick up a few tips. 

If you have other items on your personal list, try breaking them down into manageable tasks so you can cross them off. YOLO, right?