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Learn These Golf Cart Etiquette Tips Before You Purchase Your Own Golf Cart

If you've decided to take up the sport of golf and you live in a community that surrounds a golf course, it's a sensible idea to invest in buying a golf cart of your own instead of renting one each time you play a round. By browsing online or in a local shop, you'll be able to find the cart that suits your need and budget — and now is the time to learn how to use it in the proper way. Golf has arguably more etiquette rules than any other sport, and many of these extend to the operation of your cart. Here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind.

Keep The Cart Still During Other Golfers' Swings

Just as it's considered poor etiquette to talk or make excessive movements when another golfer is getting ready to take his or her swing, you should avoid moving the cart during this time. The rev of the cart's engine or the shrill alarm that sounds when you shift into reverse can be enough to distract other players around you. Keep this rule in mind not only in regard to those with whom you're playing, but also with golfers on adjacent holes. If you're close to the edge of your hole and another golfer is playing nearby, give him or time to make the shot before you drive on.

Steer Clear Of Certain Areas

You may already know that it's a no-no to drive your golf cart onto the green, so make sure that you park well back of the green when it's time to make your putt. However, there are other areas that you should stay away from. Keep the cart away from water hazards, as the grass could be wet around them and you could risk getting stuck. Likewise, when your ball finds the rough, your cart shouldn't follow. Driving a cart through the rough could not only damage it, but risk breaking off tree branches or causing other damage to the golf course's vegetation.

Control Your Speed

Golf carts do not travel overly quickly, but the speeds they're capable of driving can seem considerable in tight areas. To this end, drive responsibly as though you're driving a car. Take corners slowly, don't turn harshly or accelerate aggressively on gravel, don't zoom past other players and, in general, drive slowly and steadily. Rest assured that your fellow golfers won't hesitate to report you if you drive in an inappropriate manner, and you could face repercussions from a course marshal.

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