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Bring Fun With You When You Visit The Beach: 3 Cool Activities For Your Vacation Beach Rental

If you are planning a trip to the beach and are wondering about things to do besides laying out and getting a tan, then you should consider bringing along some fun stuff to use the during the day. You don't want to rely on there being a equipment shop near your beach rental that will have things for you to use. If you have rented a quiet, beach cottage along a desolate stretch of beach, for instance, then you might not have a commercial area nearby. While that is great for peace and quiet, it's going to put you in a spot if you are looking for things to do. So, here are three fun items you can bring along with you.

Boogie Boards

If you have always wanted to go surfing, but don't know how, then you can always try a boogie board. These are short boards that look like "half" surfboards. You don't stand up on them, you lay down on them and bodysurf. They are great for beginners because you won't have to spend tons of time learning to balance yourself on the board. Also, another cool thing about boogie boards is that you can easily stow them in the trunk of your car. Surfboards require you to load them on to the roof. This is a big hassle and will only add to your packing worries.

Volleyball Net and Ball

One of the perfect beach sports is volleyball. Beach volleyball is even an Olympic sport. Some big beaches have public volleyball nets, but if you are getting a beach rental in a quiet area, then you should not rely on there being one available. You can get portable volleyball nets. The poles will telescope close, so you can store them away in bags when you are done. They are easy to transport and you can set them up on the beach easily. You only need four people to have a good game, though you can play with more people if you have more in your group.

Kitesurfing Equipment

If you like the idea of sailing, and also want to try out surfing, then a really fun activity would be kitesurfing. What you will need is a kitesurfing board, a control bar, a harness, and the kite. You slip the harness on and connect it to the kite using a line. The control bar is used to move the sail and direct you while you are out in the water. The balance required for kite surfing is a bit more than what is needed for boogie boarding, because you will be standing up, but the kite and control bar will help keep you stable. When choosing the kiteboard, you can get ones that have built in boots that help keep you from slipping off the board.

For other items like chairs, umbrellas, etc., check out on-site rental shops like West End Water Sports.