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Replacing The Old Top Or Cover For Your Boat

In some parts of the country, summer seems to go on forever and with it, activities like boating go on all year. When maintaining your boat and keeping it in good shape, you may run into some things that need to be replaced or repaired over time. Covers, tops, and sails are all subject to wear and tear and the canvas used to make them is available for custom projects if you are into making your own top or cover.

Covering Your Boat When It Is Not In Use

One time that it is important to cover that boat is when you are not using it. If it is sitting in the yard on a trailer, you don't want water from rain accumulating inside the cabin of your boat and causing mold issues or other damage to fabrics, electronics, or other parts of the boat. While the boat is designed to operate in water, it is not intended to be filled with it.

Protecting Your Fabrics From Sun Damage

Another concern that a cover can help you avoid is sun damage to the interior of your boat. Even though your boat is designed to be used outside, the fabrics used on the seats and other interior parts of the boat can be faded over time by exposure to the sun. Normal use is not a problem but if the boat is going to sit for any time at all, covering the boat will keep the sun off those fabrics and make them last much longer.

Covers For Rain and Weather

Operating your boat on the water for the day or the weekend is a wonderful way to spend some time. Maybe a family trip or time with friends is the goal but when preparing for an outing like this, having a cover for your boat that keeps the deck and passengers dry if it should rain is essential. There is no quicker way to spoil a weekend on the water than to get caught in a rain storm and have no way to get out of the rain.

Shade From The Sun

Rain is a concern but the sun can be just as bad so a canvas top that provides shade for your passengers is a great option to have for your boat. Most boats have a deck or seating area where people sit and socialize. Offering them a place to get out of the sun is important is the weather gets hot.

All of these covers and tops can be purchased or custom made with marine grade canvas in many colors and styles. A trip to any good marine supply store like Pacific Boat Tops & Upholstery Inc. will offer you a chance to look at what is out there, If a custom top is more what you are after, there are sail and top shops that can make you what you need but the cost will be higher than that of a stock or factory build top.