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Features To Look For When Choosing Indoor Volleyball Court Flooring

When it comes to an indoor volleyball court, the floor surface that the game is played on is one of the most important elements of the entire structure. Poor flooring won't just have a negative impact on gameplay, but it can also raise the risk of an injury substantially. If you're designing your own indoor court, and given the fact that there are so many options to choose from, here are some of the features your floor should have to protect the players.

High Impact

Ensure you are selecting a floor with a high impact rating. When a player is rushing the court to reach a ball before it comes over the net, the last thing they will be doing is tip-toeing. Instead, they will be running and jumping at full force. If you aren't selecting a high-impact floor, the floor could fail relatively early.

Flooring solutions that are highly impact absorbent and that are installed in an interlocking design are generally the best options, as they add an additional level of strength to the floor ensuring it can take more impact without the high risk for damage.

Quick Drying

It's also wise to look for a flooring solution that is known to be quick drying. This type of feature is important for several different reasons. First, a quick drying floor will keep players safe while active on the court. Perspiration can collect on the floor during game play, and on a slow-drying floor, this can create a slipping hazard.

A quick drying floor is also important in terms of cleaning. Should you need to clean the floor on a tournament day, before practice, or any other period when time is of the essence, a floor that dries faster will allow players to safely access the floor faster.

Increased Flexibility

Look for a flooring solution that has some level of flexibility. While you don't exactly want a soft flooring option, you do need some level of flexibility. This type of surface will help provide some level of cushioning for your players as they jump and run, which will keep them more comfortable and minimize the level of stress on their body.

Modular flooring styles generally align well with this goal as they can be designed with a higher level of buoyancy than some natural flooring solutions can offer.

Take your time to ensure you are making the right selection for a flooring option to protect your players and the court. A professional installer can help you.