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4 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Husband Who Just Bought A Boat

Trying to figure out what to get your husband for his upcoming birthday? Considering that he's just purchased himself a boat, some marine tools and accessories might be a good idea. Here are a few gift ideas that may just be right for your loved one:

Fishing Rod Holders

If your husband enjoys fishing and plans to do it on his new boat, consider buying him a set of new fishing rod holders to install on deck. Look for holders that are secured with clamps so they can easily be removed when not in use. The holders should be made of stainless steel to minimize rusting, and should rotate so the fishing poles can be positioned at different degrees while on the water. Some fishing rod holders even provide space for refreshments and tools so everything's easily accessible while the poles are casted.

A Personal Locator Beacon

With a personal location beacon by his side, your husband will easily be found by rescuers while in his boat if he ever finds himself in danger or distress of any kind. A personal locator beacon, known as a PLB by boating enthusiasts, will broadcast a signal unique to your husband when he needs help that will tell rescuers who and where he is. If possible, choose a PLB that features an LED strobe light for optimal visibility during a rescue. The device should have at least a 24-hour battery life too.

An Anchor Retriever

Make packing up and heading home after a day of boating easier by gifting the man in your life with an anchor retriever. Anchor retrievers are slipped over the anchor line and help raise the anchor to the water's surface so it's easy to grab and load on-board. Choose an anchor retriever that comes with a lifetime warranty so hubby never has to worry about buying another one, and pay close attention to your chosen device's capacity to ensure it will work for his boat. You'll need to know the footage of his boat to determine the size of anchor retriever he needs.

A Loaded Ditch Bag

Every boating enthusiast needs a ditch bag if they plan to spend a lot of time in the water. These waterproof bags are designed to float on the water so it's easy to keep hold of in case hubby has to get into a dingy or jump overboard in an emergency. So, buy him a brightly colored ditch bag and fill it with helpful emergency items such as:

  • A Handheld Radio
  • A Waterproof LED Flashlight
  • A Signaling Mirror
  • A Whistle
  • Freeze Dried Food in Waterproof Packaging

The ditch bag should also contain some water, so put a small handheld water bottle with filter included so your husband can fill it up before heading out on his boat