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Tips For Preparing Young Teens For Volleyball Summer Camp

Summer camp for volleyball can teach teens a lot about the sport and sportsmanship itself. With the bright sunshine of summer providing an ideal backdrop for the game, it's no wonder that many dream of playing volleyball all season long. The opportunity to attend summer camp for volleyball is likely to be exciting for any young teen who enjoys the sport and dreams of improving as an athlete. Follow these tips to help your teen prepare for a successful summer camp experience.

Tip #1: Practice Makes Perfect – or a Perfectly Fun Time

As your teen gets ready to go to summer camp for volleyball, show your interest and support by playing some practice games with them. Even if you are not talented at playing the sport, you can boost your teen's confidence by asking for help and learning more about the sport. That gives the teen a chance to show off their knowledge and enthusiasm for volleyball. Practice games aren't about mastering the sport. Instead, they can remind a teen how fun the game can be.

Tip #2: Emphasize the Importance of Self-Care

When your teen is going to be branching out with more independence at summer camp, it's important to emphasize the importance of self-care when your young teen won't have you around to offer reminders. Talk about the importance of applying sunscreen every time the teen goes into the sunshine for a game.

Also discuss staying hydrating through each game, eating regularly for energy and stamina, and getting plenty of rest even if it's tempting to stay awake and chat at camp. Wearing shoes that properly support a teen's feet for long games of volleyball is also essential.

Tip #3: Encourage New Friendships Among Campers

As your young teen starts summer camp for volleyball, you may want to encourage new friendships by helping your teen plan social activities with fellow campers. Also talk to your teenager about what it takes to initiate friendships that are likely to last and how to determine whether a teammate may be a good friend. At the end of the summer, you may choose to help your teen throw a party where camp friends can exchange information to stay connected.  

Finally, keep in mind that your young teen may be excited about summer camp for volleyball, but adjusting to a new schedule for the season can prove to be challenging for anyone. Keep your enthusiasm and encouragement consist as your teen adjusts to this fun summer camp opportunity, and they will likely follow your lead. 

For more tips about sending your teen to volleyball camp, talk to organizers like We Build You Play.