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Commonly Asked Questions About Concealed Carry Permits

For individuals who are wanting to maximize their personal safety and security against criminals, carrying a firearm can be one of the more effective options. Those who are wanting to carry one of these weapons with them may need to obtain a concealed carry license, and before starting the process of obtaining one of these licenses, it is important to review what to expect from this process.

Will You Practice Shooting During Your Concealed Carry Class?

Many individuals will enroll in a concealed carry class as a way to prepare to take the licensing test as well as to learn best practices with one of these firearms. While a concealed carry class can help you to learn a lot about carrying a weapon, some people will assume that these courses will always include marksman training. However, this is not a requirement of obtaining one of these licenses. Therefore, most of these courses will not include a marksman component, but some of these programs partner with shooting ranges to provide their students with discounts.

What Happens If A Person Fails Their Background Check?

A major aspect of obtaining a concealed carry permit will be passing the background check portion of the application. This part of the process is to minimize the risk of a firearm falling into the hands of a person with a background or history that puts them at a higher risk of injuring others with their weapon.

For those that fail the background portion of the application, it is important to avoid attempting to circumvent this requirement. In addition to potentially permanently preventing yourself from obtaining a concealed carry license, you may also face criminal prosecution. If you feel that you have been wrongly denied this permit based on errors in this report, you can file an appeal.

Can You Take Your Gun Anywhere Once You Obtain Your License?

Once you have been awarded your concealed carry permit, you may be tempted to bring your firearm with you everywhere that you go. While you will likely be allowed to bring your weapon in the majority of public spaces, there are some areas where these weapons are not allowed.

For example, individuals are prevented from bringing one of these weapons to courthouses, airports, and other government buildings. Additionally, some states will allow businesses to determine whether guns are permitted, and individuals are expected to follow these regulations. Failure to adhere to these standards can result in the concealed carry permit being revoked.