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A Look At How State Laws Can Affect Your Shopping Experience At A Recreational Dispensary

As of 2019, about half of the states in the country have legalized marijuana on some level. Ten states have declared cannabis a recreationally legal product, so if you want to shop for products in these states, all you need to do is track down a dispensary. Before you head off to a recreational dispensary to try some new products, make sure you take the time to get familiar with what can be expected. Every state has different regulations where the dispensing of cannabis products is concerned, and this can mean you will have a different shopping experience. 

Cannabis products may not be out to touch and examine. 

In some states, the cannabis products are not out on full display where every customer will have access to them. You may find everything tucked behind a counter at the dispensary, which means you will have to have the clerk show you different products you may be interested in. The reasoning behind this is pretty obvious; they do not want anyone walking away with a cannabis product who has not shown their identification and there is less of a chance the products will be stolen. 

Your product may be placed in a childproof container before you leave. 

One of the guidelines that the majority of states implemented with the legalization of cannabis products is that packages must be tamper-proof or have some kind of child-proof features. In some states, such as Alaska, dispensaries are required to place products in a child-resistant package before a customer leaves with a product if it is not already child-proofed by the manufacturer. In general terms, states where cannabis is legal want to make sure the products are not easily accessible by children. 

The potency level should be listed on most products. 

All cannabis products will have different THC levels, and knowing what the potency level is will help you know which products will deliver the kind of experience you need as a consumer. For example, new cannabis users may be looking for something with lower THC levels. Most states mandate that THC levels be included on the packaging so consumers are fully aware of what they are getting with their purchase. If you do find a product that does not have potency levels listed, ask the clerk at the dispensary. They should be able to give you a good idea of what to expect or what the potency levels of the product are. To learn more about THC, visit a dispensary like Have a Heart.