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Ten Types Of Dance You Can Learn Taking Dance Classes

Dance can be the most fun aerobic exercise you can ever take and learn. There are so many types, styles, and disciplines too that you can never be bored. If one type of dance is not your thing, try another and another until you find one you love. To get you started, here are ten types of dance classes you can take, learn from, and enjoy. 

  1. Ballet: Ballet is the hardest and it requires the most discipline of all types of dance. However, its very challenging moves push you to develop muscles you never knew you had. 
  2. Tap: Tap is the dance of choice for all of "Old Hollywood". Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson were all famous Hollywood tap dancers. It is easy to learn, but it does require a lot of effort to balance on the balls of one's feet rather than sinking into one's heels. 
  3. Irish Step: In the '90's, Irish step dancing became wildly popular, and classes were offered in nearly every city in the U.S.. You can still find classes for it, if you know where to look. Just make sure you have your ghillies or you will not be able to participate!
  4. Ballroom: In Europe, many kids and teenagers may learn to waltz, polka, and cha-cha while still in school. Ballroom dance teaches moves for all of the classic ballroom dances, some of which are very fast-paced. 
  5. Salsa, Rumba, Tango: These Latin American dances are a smoking hot item. Because these dances are so sexy, the classes fill up very quickly. If you see a class advertised, sign up right away.
  6. Swing: There are three styles of swing dance, and if you are going to learn swing at all, you have to learn all three and what makes them unique. A swing dance class is likely to go on for several months before you and the other students know every little nuance of the hit dance craze of the 1940's. 
  7. Belly Dance: Do not be afraid to show a little belly. That is the number one rule in these classes, and most people in them tend to show a lot more belly than you might expect. There are special moves just for women dancers, and special moves just for male dancers, too. Like swing, there are three different subtypes of belly dance, so you will become familiar with all three when you take belly dance classes. 
  8. Hawaiian Dance: After you have gained confidence learning and doing belly dance, give Hawaiian dance a whirl. You may be surprised to find that some of the moves are actually the same; the pace and tempo are just different. 
  9. Jazz: Jazz is what happens when you take ballet and turn it forward and with less outward twist. A lot of people who find that ballet is too hard find that jazz is just right. 
  10.  Modern: Modern dance is mostly interpretive. It is moving to music in ways you feel the music is telling you to move. You may enjoy it for its lack of rules and creativity. 

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