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Newbie Planning For The Right Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

Newbies to fishing may feel enthusiastic about booking as many trips as their budget allows. Photos of large or scary-looking fish, however, could turn a novice off. Don't automatically allow first impressions about a particular fish cause you to pass. Not all fish a deep sea boat chases are big and menacing. And, not every huge fish fights all that hard. When wondering if a deep sea fishing excursion is appropriate for your skill level, plan ahead before you head out.

The Crew Is There To Assist

Booking a deep sea fishing trip isn't the same thing as booking passage on a cruise ship. The crew of the charter or party boat is there to help to make sure you experience a positive day or night's fishing.

Contacting them in advance isn't considered bad form. Likely, the crew would prefer you did to make sure the trip goes well.

Here are some things to keep in mind when contacting the crew:

  • Mention Your Skill Level: Not every fish is for everyone. A complete newbie probably wouldn't benefit going out on a tiger shark excursion. Tell the boat's representative about your prior experience, and register the rep's feedback.
  • Ask About Assistance on the Trip: Is someone available to help instruct you on the proper way to hook and reel the fish in? Can that person monitor your performance during the trip? You probably won't need someone to watch over your shoulder the whole time, but access to a "helping hand" could make things work out better for everyone.
  • Inquire About "Newbie-Friendly" Gear: Maybe you need a heavier rod with a stronger test line in the reel to make things easier. Setting you up with the best rod/reel combo might not be difficult if you give the crew a heads up in advance.

Perform Some Fishing Research

Fishing involves action, so reading about fishing might not paint the necessary picture in your mind about how difficult the fish is to catch. Don't worry. Video channels probably have videos revealing how the fish reacts when hooked. View the videos to figure out what to expect.

Ask About Other Issues of Difficulty

The fish might not be the thing that presents you with the most troubles. The weather, for example, could give you a fiercer fight than the fish. You want to dress the right way, so check with the crew before picking your apparel. Additional steps such as these increase the chance of your trip going well.

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