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Custom Netting Materials For Golf Activities

Custom nets will keep sporting materials confined within a specific area. If you would like to add custom golf nets to your putting and driving range, choose netting features that are highly visible and durable.

Net Material, Gauge, And Mesh Size

Netting is made of either plant or manmade fibers. Cotton, hemp, and flax are three plants that are used to manufacture netting. In addition, nylon, polyester, and polyethylene are three manmade materials that are used during the manufacturing process.

The gauge of material will determine how strong a net is. If people will be hitting balls at a high rate of speed, a higher gauge will be necessary. A higher gauge will consist of thicker mesh pieces than a net that possesses a lower gauge.

The mesh size determines the measurements that comprise each hollow chamber that runs along the length of netting. Golf balls may be the smallest item that your clients will be utilizing during putting and driving sessions and you may be influenced to choose netting that contains a mesh size that is smaller than a standard ball. However, if you choose a mesh size that is considerably smaller than a golf ball, the occasional unraveling of strands that comprise one or two sections of a net enclosure will not result in a hole being large enough to allow a golf ball to pass through.

Other Characteristics

The color of the netting will impact how visible an enclosure is. Fluorescent shades will contrast with buildings and decor that are on the grounds where golf activities are offered. Netting that is a neutral color will blend in with natural features that are on your commercial land.

In addition, the finish of the netting material may contribute to the durability of the product and its overall appearance. Looped or braided ends will protect fibers from loosening and will provide a net with smooth edges that can be adequately anchored via hooks or poles. Raw, unfinished edges may comprise some products and these will be more susceptible to wear and tear. There are also netting products for sale that contain fabric strips that are sewn across the edges of each panel. The strips will protect raw edges.

Consider how mobile you would like the netting to be. Some products are designed to remain anchored while actively used and rolled up when not being used. There are some portable netting products for sale that can be set up and taken down quickly as well. For more information, contact a company that offers golf netting installation services.