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Why Learning To Surf In A Group Is Better Than On Your Own

Surfing has been a popular recreational activity for those on the coast for many years now, and the numbers of newcomers continue to grow. If you and your friends are thinking about taking up surfing, then you will need at least a few lessons before you will feel able to do it on your own. Most people end up trying to stick to individual surf lessons, and while that can be effective, group surf lessons are so much better for beginners. Here are a few reasons why you have a lot more fun and learn better when you take up group surf lessons, even if you don't know anyone in the group.

People Ask Questions You Didn't Think About

With so much going on it is not unusual for you to forget a few things while at your first few surf lessons. If you were on your own then you might be frustrated with missing such an obvious question that could help you improve on your own, but when you are in a group it is much more likely someone else will have the same query as you and bring it up. When there are more eager minds to learn around you the odds of something falling through the gaps is much lower, so you all benefit.

Watch How Others Adapt

Listening and watching someone who is an expert tell you how to do something can be helpful, but often it is far more useful to see how other beginners progress so that you can mimic them. They are in the exact same boat (or surfboard) as you, so if they can accomplish it then chances are you will be able to as well. Group surfing lessons encourage this sort of close-knit group of like-minded people and together you all progress much faster than you would individually.

Sticking With It

The main reason why individual surf lessons do not work as well is that it is much harder to maintain motivation to come back when it is just you and your instructor. Group surf lessons provide a runner atmosphere, often with friends, that is much more enjoyable and it makes you want to keep coming back. Learning a new skill is all about perseverance and you are much more likely to find that drive to keep going further when others are around you encouraging you to do what they are doing. 

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