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Working With Your Local Gun Shop to Buy Your First Firearm

If you are interested in purchasing a firearm, you need to take some time to consider what you want to use the gun for. A home defense gun is very different from a hunting rifle, but your local gun shop or firearms dealer can help you narrow down the type of gun you need. 

Determine Your Needs

The first thing you need to consider is the reason for buying a gun and where you will use it. If you are looking for a defense weapon for your home, a bullpup shotgun is a good option, but if you are going hunting for whitetail deer in the fall, a hunting rifle is more suited to your needs. 

Your local gun shop should have many different guns to choose from. Take some time to talk with the dealer about what your goals are, and they can show you some firearms that will fit your needs. 

Sometimes your firearm needs overlap, and you may be able to purchase one gun that covers everything. For instance, a shotgun with a slug barrel for deer hunting can also be used for home defense by changing the ammo to home defense rounds when you are not out hunting. 

Firearms Training

When you are considering purchasing your first firearm, it is a good idea to take a firearms training course and learn to handle, shoot, and maintain the gun you buy. Your local gun shop will likely have information about training programs in the area that you can attend after you purchase your new firearm.

Firearms training courses teach you how to properly handle any gun, and allow you to fire different firearms in a controlled environment with an instructor who will ensure you are doing so safely. The goal is to teach you all the basic skills you need to use your firearm safely and accurately, teach you how to break the gun down and clean it, and how to store it properly.

Handguns and Permits

If you are interested in purchasing a handgun from the local gun shop, you need to check the local laws and regulations that apply. Many states require you to get a permit for a handgun because these guns are easily hidden, while others only require the permit if you are going to carry it concealed. 

A background check is mandatory in every state to purchase a handgun, but long guns like shotguns and rifles do not require it in most places. While handguns often seem like the best guns for protecting yourself, they are often hard to shoot accurately. the gun shop owner can help you decide which is better for you and will walk you through the background checks and purchasing process when you determine which firearm you are going to buy.