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Renting A Boat For A Family Outing Or Vacation

Boating is a great summer pastime, and there are many different boating activities you and your family may be interested in. Boat rental services make it possible for many people to enjoy boating that don't have access to a boat or are not near a lake.

Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are a great way to take the family out on the water for a weekend. Pontoon boats offer a stable platform to swim from, lounge on, or even have a small grill and barbeque out on the water. 

Pontoon boat rentals are available in many different sizes, and some have cabins on them that provide a place to sleep so you can stay on the water for several days. Most pontoon boats are not fast enough for water skiing and tubing, but they are great for fishing from, and if you like to swim, you can jump off the boat, swim for a while, then climb back on and dry off in the summer sun. 

Jet Skis And Personal Watercraft

Another great activity in the summer is a jet ski rental with a group of friends. Personal watercraft are fun, and larger machines are very fast. You may need a driver's license to rent one, so it is essential to check before you make the trip to the lake.

Renting a personal watercraft for a day or a weekend is a great way to explore the lake or waterway and can allow you to get into some remote shorelines that are great for rustic camping. Many jet skis do not need a lot of water depth, so going up small rivers, into shallow coves, and along shorelines can open up some remote exploration for adventurous families or a group of friends.

Fishing Boats

If you are considering traveling to a lake on your bucket list to do some fishing, you may want to find fishing boat rentals in the area. A boat often allows an angler to cover more of the lake and get to the best fishing spots that hold large fish.

Some fishing boat rental services can offer tips to help you find the hot spots on the lake. In some areas, the boat rental service can supply a guide if you need one but typically costs extra. 

Many boat rental services are at the lake or close to it and can deliver your rental to the water, go over all the controls, safety equipment, and accessories that came with it, and at the end of the rental they will come and pick it up for you. If you are taking the boat for several days, you may need to pull into a marina for gas before returning it.